JC Schroder is a Director, Cinematographer and Producer of award-winning film, television, live event, and new media productions and the key producer and owner of Star Com Productions LLC, an Atlanta-based production company (formerly based at Paramount Studios) founded in January of 2000.
Live Events: Schroder began his career in live entertainment a as a sound engineer, consultant and stage manager gradually working his way up to concert promoter and producer. Schroder worked
with more than 90 recording & performance artists, ranging from REO Speedwagon to Academy Award winner AR Rahman.  Schroder founded the annual Oxford International Film Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio  selected by MovieMaker magazine as one of the top “25 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee” in the US and in only it's third year. He went on to serve on the staff of the American Film Market  –one of the largest film markets in the world —and Turner Broadcasting’s TCM Classic Film Festival, in Hollywood.
Film & TV: While still producing live shows, Schroder made the jump to film and television in 2005 freelancing on over 250 productions, ranging from independents to film and television productions for NBC/Universal, FOX, ABC/Disney, CBS, Paramount, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, G4, National Geograpic and Sony Pictures/ TV. As well as commercial video work for clients including, Dell, Nintendo, Raytheon and Nivea. In 2008 Schroder began developing and consulting on film and television productions at Warner Bros and Paramount, alongside long time  friend and former MGM and LionsGate executive Michael Katchman (responsible in part for the releases of such legendary films as Silence of the Lambs and Dances With Wolves). Over the past decade Schroder has directed/produced/filmed more than 100 original film, television, commercials, music videos and new media productions watched by more than 120 Million viewers worldwide. Schroder's multiple award-winning work has been featured in the Los                                                 Angeles Times, Billboard Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Backstage, E! News, Teen, Examiner, MovieMaker Magazine and others.
Schroder's multiple award-winning indie feature directorial debut, the psychological thriller Forever's End, was released in 2014 and hailed by critics as "STUNNING", "Impressive!", a "Risky and daring mind-trip of a thriller," that "...leaves you SPELLBOUND." "4-Stars...simply AWE-INSPIRING." -Examiner

In early 2015 Schroder was approached by A&E Networks to develop an original scripted series for their new digital platform "Fall Into Me". A&E greenlit the pilot for Schroder's SciFi/Romance series Quarantine, which he also wrote, directed and shot for executive producers Howard T. Owens (Killing Kennedy), David McKillop (Deadliest Catch), and Guy Shalem.

Schroder currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he oversees the day to day operations of Star Com, but is a frequent traveler, both producing and freelancing on projects across the country. For business inquiries, see the Contact Page.